Chemical Peel

Chemical Peel by Naomi's Skin Therapy

Get visible results with our Bioelements chemical peel solutions. Chemical peels work microscopically to dissolve the outermost layer of skin to reveal youthful, healthy skin! Our experts assure you that we will adjust our methods to your pain tolerance to deliver a relaxing and stress-free experience. Improve sun/age spots, acne, scarring, skin tone, and texture! Soften the look of fine lines and wrinkles with our Lactic or Glycolic chemical peels. We only use branded products and sanitized equipment to achieve an effective result when performing any facials. Aside from chemical peels, our beauty spa can also do nano-channeling and hydrating facial to give yourself a fantastic new look. Contact Naomi's Skin Therapy to learn more about how we can aesthetically improve your features today!

Chemical Peel Package (Series of 3 for $280)